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9 belvederes you cannot miss

View over Lisbon
As we told you before, Lisbon was built over the Seven Hills. You may read a short version of this legend in the article "The Light of Lisbon”. In each of these hills there’s at least one viewpoint where you can enjoy the sights, have a drink and spend a good time, especially on sunny days.

So, if you want to visit every corner of the city and learn more about its mysteries, what about taking a walk through the seven hills and visit their belvederes?

Let’s start our tour…

Unveiling the 7 Hills and their viewpoints

Castelo Viewpoint
Graça Viewpoint
Senhora do Monte Viewpoint
Portas do Sol Viewpoint
Santa Luzia Viewpoint
Santa Justa Lift
São Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint
Torel Viewpoint
Santa Catarina Viewpoint
We start at St. Jorge Hill. It’s not the highest hill, but it was here where the city was born and where the Castle was built. From the Castelo Viewpoint you will be rewarded with amazing views over the city.

Next to the Castle, you’ll find St. André Hill, the highest of the seven hills. From this hill you may observe Lisbon from two viewpoints: Graça Viewpoint, where you can watch the greatest sunset in Lisbon, and Nossa Senhora do Monte Viewpoint, at the highest point of Graça neighborhood, where you can enjoy breathtaking views. If you have the chance, you should visit Nossa Senhora do Monte Chapel, a beautiful place of great devotion.

St. Vicente Hill is our next stop. Enjoy the sights at Portas do Sol Viewpoint or Santa Luzia Viewpoint. The second is one of the most visited viewpoints in Lisbon, known as the best window over Tagus River. It has a pleasant garden, tile panels, a water mirror and a few terraces.

Chagas Hill surrounds Largo do Carmo (Carmo Square). Go up Santa Justa Lift, which connects Downtown streets with the uphill Carmo Square and enjoy another amazing viewpoint, right at the heart of the city.

The scenic neighborhood of Bairro Alto is placed at St. Roque Hill. Here you’ll find the popular São Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint and its nice terrace. The scenery is amazing, overlooking the most typical areas and the modernity of the city. At one end you have St. Jorge Castle, the Cathedral, Downtown and a stretch of Tagus River. On the other end you’ll see the modern Lisbon.

Sant’ana Hill is located in the heart of the city, covering an area from Campo Mártires da Pátria to Praça da Figueira. At the top of this hill there’s Torel Viewpoint, also with great views but less busy and crowded than other belvederes.

Last but not least, St. Catarina Hill with its viewpoint — Santa Catarina Viewpoint — is the perfect place for those who like to observe boats entering and leaving the port. This belvedere is also special due to its day and nightlife. During the night, the visitors are mainly young people that came out for a drink in Bairro Alto.

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