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Breathing Lisbon from the Tagus river: explore the best tours

One of the greatest figures of the Portuguese language used it to write one of the classics of national literature. Just as they once inspired Luís Vaz de Camões in the composition of the epic "Os Lusíadas”, the Tágides, nymphs of the Tagus, will serve as a compass for us on an epic journey. Get ready to navigate the river that crosses the sea, in a poetic and magical encounter to remember later.

Lisbon is a poem in sight

Getting to know the Tagus River intimately means surrendering to its sweet lullaby and, with that, having a priceless reward: a privileged view of the city of Lisbon. It is as if we were contemplating a poem in which the rhymes fit harmoniously into each other. That's why there's nothing better than navigating it and getting to know its stories, on a boat or sailboat ride. You won't regret it!

Reserve the river for yourself

Boarding a sailboat on the Tagus is synonymous with glamour, fun and romance. Gather some friends or simply go on a romantic tour. The Belém Tower, the "Padrão dos Descobrimentos”, the Belém Palace, the MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology), among other monuments and landmarks in the city, line up on the waterfront, in a perfect alliance of architectural styles.

While enjoying the landscape, how about a wine tasting? You can do it on board of the Sail&Wine of Palma Yachts: two hours of the best flavours of Portuguese gastronomy accompanied with the Bacchus' nectar. Why deny yourself the little pleasures of life?

Tradition on board: by "cacilheiro” or in the "king of the northeast”

There are also more traditional options for getting to know Lisbon through the Tagus river. The "Bote Leão” is one of them. Known as the "king of the northeast”, owned by the Municipality of Alcochete, it was reunited with the waters of the river that bathes the city of the seven hills in 2016 and has never been separated from it. Experience an hour and a half adventure between the Vasco da Gama Bridge and the Tagus Estuary nature reserve on a boat with a capacity for 45 people.

The other alternative is to cross the river in a "cacilheiro” between Cais do Sodré and Cacilhas. Take our advice and make this trip during sunset, disembark at Cais do Ginjal and have dinner at the Atira-te ao Rio restaurant. All this while contemplating the city lights that wake up to beautify the night.

A bridge to the nature

If you enjoy being in symbiosis with wildlife, the Tagus River is a place to explore. And if you dream of watching dolphins up close, embark on a trip with Sea EO Tours. With a marine biologist on board, your eyes will see the best of both worlds: friendly dolphins coming to the surface to socialise and Lisbon in the background.

You can also see the Tagus at night... on foot or on wheels!

Take the opportunity to cool off from the hot summer nights in Lisbon with a walk along the river. Why not start at Cais do Sodré and finish at the Belém Tower? You will see that it will be worth it! Make a "pit stop” by one of the esplanades along the way to hydrate yourself.

If you prefer, rent a bike: Lisbon has several options for doing so. The route will be equally pleasant and probably gentler on your legs!

Go up to the Cristo Rei, the city's watchman

It is one of the iconic and must-visit monuments. Planted on the banks of the Tagus and 84 meters high, the Cristo Rei National Sanctuary offers an indescribable panoramic view over Lisbon, within a radius of over 25 km.
The typical neighborhoods, the city's historic monuments, the Castle of São Jorge, among many others, the Arrábida Mountains and even the Sintra Mountains, with the beautiful Pena Palace, parade for you. A beautiful picture that should be contemplated at length!

From Lisbon to Almourol Castle

Located on a small island in the middle of the Tagus, it's love at first sight. When visiting Lisbon, Almourol Castle is a "must see” and is less than an hour and a half from the Portuguese capital. Symbol of the Christian Reconquest, it is surrounded by a green landscape. Discover the history behind the castle and enjoy one of the most beautiful postcards in Portugal.

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