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Christmas 2020: The best gifts are online

Christmas is always expected with the highest excitement, either by kids or adults. Not only due to the brightness and the colors of the squares and streets lights, or to the music that echoes everywhere, but to the smiles and happiness that suddenly appear when the gifts delivery hour finally arrives. In 2020, we want all the magic remains intact, although adapted to the new times. That’s why, this Christmas, we ask you to become more digital: instead of the ‘hustle and bustle’ of shopping, you can choose gift cards, vouchers, Portuguese online stores or you can also opt for street stores close to home to buy your gifts and surprise friends and family.

Take a deeper look at the special offers that hotels and tourist/ commercial establishments promote at this time of the year. For you or especially for someone close to you, these offers — which can be vouchers or gift cards — are perfect for buying original gifts or enjoying unique experiences with special conditions during future stays in the city of Lisbon (or in another city according to your choice).

Exclusive meals in the most traditional restaurants, relaxing moments that revitalize your body, mind and spirit, or adventurous experiences are just some examples of surprises you can make to your friends and family with this type of gift. If you are exactly looking for this solution, we recommend you to check one of the Bairro Alto Hotel's exclusive offers. Along with the variety of options, the lucky one will be able to have the privilege of staying overnight in one of the capital's most well-located and coveted luxury hotels!
On the other hand, if you like to offer material gifts, for practical reasons or just personal preference, there are several online stores at your disposal with a wide variety of items that can meet your needs and expectations. Check them out here:

In 2020, make this Christmas more digital and one of the best ever, choosing special offers, gift vouchers or some of the original things that online stores make available to you. Mentalities and habits may be changing, but the gifts, the wishes and the magic remain forever — especially at Christmas, the most-awaited and worshipped time of the year for everyone!

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