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Easter: its origin and what to do in this very special season

Easter is one of the most beloved celebrations for the Portuguese population and one of the most important on the Christian calendar. What is the origin of this celebration? What are the typical Portuguese sweets of this time? Where do the Easter eggs and rabbit come from? What can you do to celebrate this season with your family?

The origin of Easter

The origins of Easter date back thousands of years, as a ritual celebrated by ancestral peoples who considered it as a time that heralded the end of winter and the arrival of spring, with the transition from a time of darkness to one of light and hope.

The Portuguese denomination of Easter (Páscoa) comes from the word "Pessach", which means "passage" in Hebrew. Its origins come from a Jewish festive season that celebrates the liberation of the Hebrew people from slavery. With a similar sense of freedom and hope, the Christian Easter came later to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his passing from death to life.

Easter in Portugal

With an important religious significance, marked by various events from north to south of the country, Easter is also a time for family reunions and a great gastronomic bustle. Each region has its gastronomic tradition. Dishes that include lamb are part of the tradition of most Portuguese tables, which are also filled with "folares” of various types, almonds, "queijadas”, eggs, among many others. If you like good sweets, enjoy the take-away services of some of the best pastry shops in Lisbon (temporarily closed to the public) where you can find delicious easter sweets.

Where do eggs and rabbits come from?

Currently being a religious event, interestingly, some of the symbols of the current Easter are originated in elements inherited from pagan peoples. For ancient people, the egg represented birth, while the rabbit symbolized fertility and the beginning of a new life. These symbols, therefore, have echoed since ancient times.

What to do this Easter

There are countless typical activities of this festive season that can be carried out at home and with the family. Let yourself be carried away by the imagination and ...

Prepare a fun egg hunt, placing them in surprising places.
Decorate your home with the most original elements. Baskets and Easter eggs are indispensable.
Cook some delicious pastries with the family.
Get the children together and create an egg and drawing painting session.
Send themed postcards to family and friends who are far away.

Be creative, relax and create good memories on this special season!

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