Events in Lisbon that will make you chill out

The good weather invites everyone to go out and enjoy the warmth, the sunlight and the bright colours of the city. And, above all, it encourages everyone to have a more energetic and healthy life. Truth to be told: staying at home in your free time, with so many activities and so many events in Lisbon outside the window, is not the best choice you can make these days!

But what can you do or which events in Lisbon are available on a sunny afternoon?

Well, you can do a lot of activities, actually, especially if you are a visitor and you don’t know the city. It will depend on your current mood: if you are interested in getting to know the culture of Lisbon, you can visit the capital's heritage and explore its history; if, on the other hand, you do not want to play the role of an adventurous explorer, and to visit the monuments or the iconic places are not in your plans, you have at your disposal, all around the city, several cultural events, many of them outdoors, so you can chill out and spend very fun moments with your family/friends. Check out some ideas:

  • Time Out Market Lisboa
One of the best market that you can find in the capital, and also one of the most complete. Time Out Market Lisboa, a recognized worldwide brand, has more than 20 restaurants, several bars and multiple shops. It even has a "high-end music venue”, and the whole market presents the best of the capital, including the best events in Lisbon, the best vendors and the best artists. Here, you can enjoy an immense variety of foods and handmade products that represent the city, and experience the richness of the country’s culture. With "bringing the best of the city under one roof” as a motto, Time Out Market Lisboa is definitely a great attraction for both tourists and locals.

  • LX Factory
A creative place, where companies and professionals from different industries bring to life several cultural events related to advertising, fashion, multimedia, architecture, communication, art, music, and so many others where you definitely will want to be part of. And if you like to buy unique and "out of the box” products, the stores of LX Factory are perfect for you. 

  • Popular Marches and Popular Saints of Lisbon
There are also exclusive events in Lisbon that you can only find in the capital, mainly because they transmit, in a singular and perfect way, the customs, the culture and even the roots of the capital. Popular Marches and Popular Saints of Lisbon are two great examples.

Both occur in June: on the 12th, at the beginning of the night, a parade is held between Avenida da Liberdade and the city’s downtown; on the 13th, Lisbon celebrates, through a local holiday, the death of the most beloved Saint of Portugal: St. Anthony. But on both days, there are celebrations all over the city, especially in the neighbourhoods: many sardines are grilled, and a lot of characteristic accessories are displayed in the most representative parts of the city's roots.

This year, the motto of the Popular Marches is "Saint Anthony of Lisbon and the world"; and this will be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know another fundamental part of the city’s heart.

So, are you interested in any of these options? Check out the agenda of the events in Lisbon and have fun!

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