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Paleo diet: Lisbon adapted to a new reality

Have you ever heard of the cavemen diet? Or the stone-age diet? If so, the paleo diet, or the paleolithic diet, won’t be a novelty for you!

The truth is that this new way of seeing and choosing foods, extremist for some people, liberating for others, has been gaining quite significant importance in recent years. And if you think that this is another fashionable diet, based on a gluten-free diet, then you haven’t realized yet the essence of this lifestyle.

What is the paleo diet?

The paleo diet, or just the paleo, is a type of healthy diet that, although it has some points in common with vegetarianism and veganism, has different foundations. As its name indicates, paleo diet is based on a return to the lifestyles of our ancestors, at a time when industrialization and agriculture did not yet exist, and the human being survived with what nature offered and with what it was hunted. There were no processed foods, filled with chemical additives, nor sugars, refined grains, legumes or other foods that involve cultivation or production processes; instead, there were gluten-free and lactose-free foods, and without any kind of protein, sugar or chemical composition that caused intolerance and allergy to the human being - it was the so-called biological food of today.

Actually, some studies indicate that extremely processed foods are the major triggers of obesity, diseases, allergies, intolerances and autoimmune syndromes in contemporary society. A fact that leads thousands of people to adopt paleo and choose a lifestyle similar to the cavemen - with high protein intake and low carbs intake, and the inclusion of the natural and healthy fat. And that’s why the improvement of living conditions, the reeducation of eating habits and the weight loss are the most frequent and common motivations of the paleolithic followers; it is also without surprises that impressive testimonies of major transformations are the most revealed results.

Lisbon, modern capital, is already adapted to receive visitors with all types of food options. Regarding paleo choices, the city has several restaurants with menus based on the fundamentals of this diet. Places you must attend if Lisbon is on your list of destinations and you need to find the ideal place for your meals.

Paleo restaurants in Lisbon that will delight you

The paleo diet, although with solid foundations, had to be shaped by the evolution of times and life’s society. Because of that, it has 3 different ideologies (strict, normal and primal) in which some foods may be included -  depending on the goals and the existence of health issues. Foods such as oilseeds, rice (the only grain allowed), all type of vegetables, dairy, honey, olive oil, potato, tomato, among others, can be introduced; the only rule is to maintain the exemption of chemicals, industrial components, and genetic changes - concerning beverages options, only water, wine and natural juices are suitable for the paleolithic diet.

Thinking about this evolution of modern times, brands also felt the need to expand their offers of biological and natural foods. Or, at least, offer a larger variety of choices with a substantial reduction of additives. A reality to which Lisbon is fully adapted: at its own pace, these options, along with vegetarianism and veganism, are increasingly present in supermarkets and stores dedicated exclusively to the sale of organic products. More than enough reasons for the lovers of paleo/paleolithic diet, both Portuguese and foreigners, to feel very well in the capital!

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