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Pastries shops in Lisbon that make your mouth water

There are many pastry shops in Lisbon that deserve to be visited, not only for their products but also for their antiquity, history, decoration and service. Check some of them:

At Bairro Alto Hotel — a luxury hotel located between Chiado and Bairro Alto — stands out a pastry shop that will surprise you. Here you can taste several homemade (and very unique) specialities, entirely produced in the hotel's kitchen. Among many delicacies, we highlight the ‘curry beef puff’, the ‘caramelised onion and Açores cheese puff’, the ‘sour game sausage swirl’, the ‘vinha d’alhos chicken pie’, the ‘prawn Berliner’ and the ‘sweet potato Berliner’. And the cherry on top of the cake: you can enjoy all of them while appreciating a delicious coffee from Climpson and Sons!

Confeitaria Nacional
Founded in 1829, it is one of the oldest and most renowned pastry shops in Lisbon — even one of the 10 oldest in the world. It is placed downtown, in a building on the corner of Praça da Figueira, and its decoration is an authentic work of art.

What makes this shop so unique is not only the decoration or the wide range of delicacies, but, above all, the antiquity, the familiarity (is still managed by descendants of its founder) and the value for the city. It is known especially for its Bolo Rei (a traditional Portuguese cake typically made at Christmas), however, it offers an immense list of products that make you eat and cry for more.

Pastéis de Belém
A historic pastry shop in a historic area. This place, whose name represents the most famous and "international” delicacy of Lisbon, Pastéis de Belém, is situated, precisely, in Belém, very close to the Tejo river. Here, these delicious pastries are made through artisanal processes and with ingredients chosen with great rigour and criteria.

The secret, which dates back to 1837, was based on a very old recipe from Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. It is said that the whole process is secret and remains unchanged until today — only the pastry chefs of this house know it! Whether for this secrecy or even for the taste, one thing is certain: you must go to Pastéis de Belém during your stay in the capital!

Inaugurated in 1905, at Largo do Chiado, Brasileira is an icon of the capital and one of the pastry shops in Lisbon that receives more visitors. Although its primary goal was to sell the "real coffee of Brazil”, it quickly became one of the main stops for several intellectual artists of that time. The most mentioned in the history books  — and to whom was built a statue in his memory right in the terrace  —  is Fernando Pessoa, who wrote poems and debated themes of that era with his contemporaries (Almada Negreiros, Santa-Rita Pintor, Sarah Afonso, among others).

It is, undoubtedly, a mandatory stop; and the best part is that you can take the typical photograph with Fernando Pessoa — a statue that ended up making the pastry shop even more famous and internationally recognized.

Pastelaria Benard
‘Over a century sweetening Lisbon’ is its motto. Built in 1868, in the centre of Chiado, with the purpose of being an important (and aristocratic) tea house in Lisbon, today it maintains its name and reputation — although it has become both pastry shop and restaurant (with very Portuguese style offers).

If this pastry, by itself, is very emblematic and carries an enormous historical value for the city, it stands out even more for its secret recipe of croissants (frequently served hot). Several times a day, dozens of croissants are made, and there are several flavors of fillings to choose from — some of them traditional, others more out of the box.

Pastelaria Batalha
Founded in 1990, Pastelaria Batalha is located in Lisbon in 3 different spots. Through an old recipe that has passed from generation to generation for several decades, offers to its customers a wide range of unparalleled flavours (with a strong traditional basis) and a very welcoming and friendly service. The best-known cake at Pastelaria Batalha is the Parrameiro, however, the offer is varied and very Portuguese style.

There are many awards already won for the quality and excellence of its products. Gold Medal for ‘Pastel de Feijão’, 2 Stars in Great Taste with the gluten-free version of the same ‘Pastel de Feijão’, Silver Medal for ‘Filhoses’ or the title of Best ‘Bolo Rei’ of Lisbon are some of the prizes that the whole Batalha family is proud of.

Are you already excited about exploring these options? Confess: with so much offer, you won’t be able to resist!

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