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Staycations in Lisbon: Take a cosy and warm break

It is no longer a surprise that 2020 has changed the way we experience our day-to-day lives, forcing us to adopt new safety and health measures. However, it also showed us that it is essential to pay attention to our well-being, investing quality time in ourselves, being around our people and also enjoying the best that life gives us everyday. That’s why, if you are on vacation or about to have a break, you should come to Lisbon to have a wonderful staycation, since this city is the perfect destination for you to rest and restore your energy and strengths.

If the Portuguese expression "go outside in here” used to make sense in the past, now it is spoken and written with a deeper feeling. But if habits have changed, cities will also have adapted and become even more welcoming. Lisbon is no exception, and is becoming more and more attractive and full of offers — and in these coldest and rainiest days, they can give you the desired warmth and comfort. Already curious? Here some ideas:

Pamper yourself by taking care of your body and mind

In your staycations at the capital, take care of your body and mind, pampering yourself the best you can. Get a very relaxing body massage, an holistic therapy or a rejuvenating and invigorating skin treatment. Invest your time in a SPA or in a Wellness Center running away from the stress of everyday life and finding peace and your inner balance. We recommend you to have a Wellness Experience at Bairro Alto Hotel, so you can also take the opportunity to visit one of the most iconic and beautiful neighbourhoods of the capital.

Taste the most typical Portuguese (and Lisbon!) flavors

From the most traditional snacks to the dishes that are presented in any travel guide, Lisbon offers a very rich and diverse gastronomic culture, even if we think about the different needs and preferences of its visitors.
You have a wide range of offers at your disposal: 1) you can enjoy a complete meal going to an excellent seafood restaurant — and note that seafood is a strong Portuguese tradition — or visiting a restaurant whose typical Portuguese menu is the cherry on top of its cake; 2) you can also opt for a healthier cuisine, where vegan restaurants, vegetarian restaurants and restaurants for paleo / paleolithic food lovers are included; 3) last but not least, you can also taste a divine dessert in a traditional Lisbon pastry that will make your mouth water!

Make a toast to all the good things in your life

And to complement — or not — the previous meal, what about enjoying a hot drink, preferably in a cosy, warming and comforting place? As expected, the city has all the conditions to provide experiences of this high level, whether you are a fan of coffee, tea, chocolate or even mulled wine. More: if you are one of those who freeze with the breeze of the wind, you must know that there are amazing places, properly heated, with fireplaces as decoration — places, where the cold is not a guest and the excuses for bad weather are not accepted. Whatever your decision is regarding the place and the drink, we just ask you to warm up, raise your glass, cup or mug, and make a toast with your friends or family to all the good (future) things in life.

Discover, inside doors, the culture of the country (and its capital)

It is said very often that it’s only by discovering the people’s history and stories, past and current experiences, its most distinguished figures and its most characteristic customs that we get to know the essence of a country. So, the same applies to the city of Lisbon. Of the several indoor options —  perfect choices for autumn — take a look at those that allow you to find out what Lisbon was and what it will be from a cultural perspective:

You do not need big adventures or "out of the box” routes to be able to experience truly extraordinary moments, even if you are having a staycation in Lisbon. The simplicity makes the difference. So, what are you waiting for? Put on a warm jacket and comfortable shoes (or boots) and let yourself be surprised by this charming city.

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