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The perfect cinema to take a break from Baixa-Chiado frenzy

It’s the oldest cinema in Lisbon. It was a theater dedicated to pornographic movies. Today, you don’t have popcorn or sodas and you can see alternative and independent films.

The premiere of Cinema Ideal was in 1094, at Rua do Loreto, next to Largo de Camões. This historic space was once known as Cinema Ideal, Cine Camões and Cine Paraíso. It has been playing pornographic movies for decades, but the "fun stuff” was over after the change of management. 

This Lisbon "pearl” underwent a major renovation in the 50s, always retaining the charm of a "neighborhood cinema”. In 2014, there were big changes, from architecture to image and sound equipment. The new direction wanted to challenge the significant decline in movie theater attendance and seems to have succeeded. 

Today it’s the "Ideal” cinema for premieres and screenings of alternative and independent films. Also, you can always count with friendly staff, who can assist you with a smile at any time of the day.  

Stay tuned because Cinema Ideal has been one of the "stages” of Doclisboa and of conversations with different directors.

So, when you’re in Baixa-Chiado, escape the urban chaos in this emblematic space. If you have any questions about the movies, order an espresso,, read a newspaper and talk to someone sitting next to you. In Cinema Ideal everything has been possible… and will continue to be.

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