Five gourmet grocery stores that you have to visit in Lisbon

Grocery Store
Many Portuguese felt that these traditional spaces had their days counted. Only the older customers went there, and hardly anyone was encouraged to open a gourmet grocery store. In recent years, these fine grocery stores have been gaining more and more customers, Portuguese or foreign.

Traditional Portuguese flavors are mandatory. On the shelves, which often retain their rustic charm, it’s possible to find brands from small producers. In addition, in the historic gourmet grocery stores, you can see the original furniture and recover childhood flavors.

Before visiting the five gourmet grocery stores we recommend, get ready: they are not for weak hearts. If you think you can resist the best cheeses, hams, olive oils, jams and wines ... here you will be tested to the limit. You will feel love at first sight when you cross the shop windows, which are carefully assembled to seduce those who pass through them.

Check out our list of some of Lisbon's best gourmet grocery stores:

This grocery store (also wine cellar) was founded in 1860 and never left part of the Portuguese capital. In the official website, it’s possible to read that they still receive customers with almost 100 years. It’s a store that displays various delicacies such as cheeses, ham, sausages or even nuts. At times, small meetings and events are organized focused on a specific product.

Where is: Rua da Betesga, 1A / B

This fine grocery store opened its doors for the first time in 1913. It’s also one of the oldest stores in town. You can find chocolates, biscuits, coffee, teas and a specialized wine cellar. Some say it is the best place in Lisbon to buy old Porto wine. In the showcase stands out the oldest one, dated 1863.

Where is: Rua Augusta, 272

This grocery store also has a long history. It was founded in 1932. Although it was closed for a few years, it was reborn in 2012 with a new concept, but without losing some traces of old. It is dedicated to tasting, bicycles and cultural and artistic life.

Where is: Rua da Bela Vista à Lapa, 92

It is creative and traditional. It sells exclusively Portuguese products, artisanal and biological. If you are curious to try some delicacies, you can always stay outside and spend some time eating and drinking. This grocery store was created in 2010 and has been focusing on musical and gastronomic events.

Where is: Av. Guerra Junqueiro, 4A

Portugal is a small country, but we can lose ourselves in the immensity of quality products. This grocery store wants to show the portuguese olive oil and win new palates. This product is not only used in the kitchen. Here you can also find complementary products, such as olive oil-based soaps, seasonings and salt.

Where is: Poiais de São Bento Street, 81

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