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Lisbon transportation: discover the city with the best comfort

Lisbon transportation: discover the city with the best comfort
One of the biggest concerns of those who visit the capital is the way of traveling when there is no car available. So, if this topic worries you as well, you must know that you can freely visit the city and discover all its cultural and iconic places only using the Lisbon transportation network.

By being a very modern city, with a growing number of visitors, its governors realize the importance of a good and a comfortable transport network, both for its residents and visitors. For this reason, there are several affordable options for all preferences. Check some of the best options of transport in Lisbon:

Lisbon transportation dedicated exclusively to tourism


The bus tours are the perfect choice for you to visit Lisbon: you can have fun and be relaxed and, at the same time, you have the opportunity to get to know the heritage of the city through a tourist guide. Check more information about the best-known bus tour network in Lisbon


A different way to get to know the capital, especially if you want to discover the coast of Lisbon or the South Margin. In fact, the boat rides on the Tagus river (or the cruises on the Tagus river) are the preferred means of transport of those who love the surrounding areas by the river. So, if you would like to have a different perspective of the city, the boat tours in Lisbon are the best option!


Exploring and discovering Lisbon is also very easy and simple if you take one of the tuk tuks that is in every corner of the city. Renting a tuk tuk in Lisbon has been an increasingly recurrent choice for anyone who is visiting the capital, and even for the residents who just want to wander around Lisbon in a different, fun and even romantic way! This type of transport also has a great advantage: is ecological, fast, and because of its size, it can more easily reach the most iconic and traditional places of the city.

There are several types of transport that are available for you, no matter your needs and preferences. Therefore, don’t be afraid to visit Lisbon if you don’t want to rent a car, because you can explore the city and find out all its magical places with the best comfort only using Lisbon transportation.

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