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The magic of the streets of Bairro Alto, Chiado and Cais do Sodré

In Lisbon, the most magical streets of the downtown area offer you lively days and nights, and thousands of people walk through them every day. This area brings together groups of friends and is a meeting point for tourists and locals alike, who start their journey through the Portuguese traditions of the neighbouring streets. 

We invite you to discover the bohemian streets of Bairro Alto, the charm of Chiado and a reinvented Cais do Sodré, all of which intersect in this emblematic square.


Bairro Alto 

With sites for all cultures and generations and narrow paths that live off history and leisure activities, Bairro Alto is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city and yet it never sleeps. Here you'll find a mix of art and culture, tradition and, of course, lots of entertainment.

During the day, take the opportunity to discover the typical architecture, the colourful alleyways, the viewpoints with a privileged view over the area and the artisan shops in the heart of Bairro Alto. At nightfall, enjoy traditional dishes and excellent wine lists in the most varied restaurants, such as BAHR, the unique experience of going to a fado house and the festive atmosphere of the bars and cafés.

Don't forget to stop by Rua da Bica, one of the most photographed streets in the city, with its neighbourhood setting, famous electric lift - which connects Bairro Alto to Cais do Sodré - and incredible views of the River Tagus.


Neighbouring Bairro Alto, Chiado is one of Lisbon's most charming and prestigious neighbourhoods.

With a great artistic aspiration, every day these streets are filled with voices and melodies, dancing bodies, caricatures and magic tricks. On every corner you can breathe in someone's art and see people caught up in someone else's moment of talent. 

These lively streets, which range from classic to modern, are a centre of commerce, with shops, bars, cafés and restaurants, but they are also home to treasures such as theatres and historical monuments. 

Sit down with Fernando Pessoa in the café "A Brasileira", visit the oldest bookshop in the world and do some much-needed shopping in Rua Garret in Chiado. Finish your visit to this, one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the Portuguese capital, by going up the Elevador de Santa Justa and enjoying its incomparable view.


Cais do Sodré 

Cais do Sodré was once the first choice of freshly disembarked sailors looking to fill their evenings until it was time to leave again.

Painted pink, the emblematic pink street is surrounded by bars, terraces and discos to suit all tastes. Here you can find intimate spaces that preserve the vintage charm of the past, try signature cocktails, listen to the music of emerging artists and watch good old burlesque shows.  

With snacks, drinks and a variety of events, it's the favourite place for many people to extend their party time once the fun has finished in Bairro Alto.

Although the Ribeira das Naus promenade, in Cais do Sodré, is very popular at night, it's a great place for those who want to spend a sunny day by the river, either on the terraces that line it or in the green spaces around it. 

It's paradise for food lovers, as it also offers a wide range of international menus or local gastronomic specialities, with very varied concepts and instagrammable spaces. 


Lose yourself in the charm of the City of 7 Hills and experience the history of its bohemian neighbourhoods first-hand.

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