Theatres in Lisbon - meet the most iconic ones

Lisbon is a city rich in culture and tradition, with a vibrant and diverse theatre scene. With many talented companies and artists, the Portuguese capital is a must-see destination for theatre lovers. 

Teatro Nacional de São Carlos 

Exterior of the São Carlos theater in Lisbon

Opened on 30 June 1793, the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos was classified as a National Monument in 1996. Considered one of the best-known theatres in Lisbon, it is also home to the Choir of the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos (created in 1943) and the Portuguese Symphonic Orchestra (founded in 1993).   
The theatre presents its musical programme in three spaces: the Main Hall, which is the stage for lyrical productions, symphonic, choral-symphonic and ballet concerts. The Main Hall hosts recitals and concerts by different instrumental groups, opera readings and more intimate performances. And finally, the Foyer - the entrance to the theatre - is the privileged location for chamber concerts and short recitals, which are free of charge.  
In addition to the shows, there are guided tours of the theatre building and other recreational and educational activities for children and young people, families and teachers, and the general public, intending to bring the theatre and the community closer together. 

Rua Serpa Pinto, 9  

Teatro São Luiz

Outra Bizarra Salada - a play at Teatro São Luíz in Lisbon
© Estelle Valente / Teatro São Luiz – Outra Bizarra Salada / encenação Beatriz Batarda 2023.

Inaugurated as Theatro D. Amédia in 1894, it passed through various hands and names until it was renamed Teatro São Luiz in 1914 - in honour of its mentor, Viscount of São Luiz de Braga. Nowadays, the São Luiz Teatro Municipal is a lively, energetic theatre with hundreds of sessions per season in three different halls: Luís Miguel Cintra Hall, Bernardo Sassetti Hall and Mário Viegas Hall.  
In its first phase, it was theatre and cinema. Nowadays it is possible to watch theatre shows, music, dance and talks.  
A theatre for all, attentive to all cultures, São Luiz seeks to be a platform with varied proposals based on the performing arts.  

Rua António Maria Cardoso, 54 

Teatro da Trindade 

 Theater room at the trindade theater in Lisbon.
 © Adriano Filipe / Teatro da Trindade

Located in Chiado and opened in 1867, the Teatro da Trindade INATEL is one of the most famous theatres in Lisbon.  
Theatre, film, opera, music, and ballet: the Teatro da Trindade made and is still making history through diverse and quality programming.   

Rua Nova da Trindade, 9 

Teatro Politeama 

Concert hall at the Politeama theater in Lisbon
Teatro Politeama (Fonte: Teatro Politeama – Filipe La Féria)

Opened in 1913, the Politeama Theatre is perhaps the most popular theatre in Lisbon, as it hosts many Revista (revue) shows.  
An iconic venue in a historic part of the city, the Politeama is the stage for great musical productions. In this regard, we can not fail to mention the importance of Filipe La Féria, director and playwright, that since the end of the twentieth century, has brought to the Politeama Theatre numerous musicals, both for adults and children, such as Amalia The Musical or The Snow Queen - The Musical For The Whole Family.  

Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 109 
These are just some of the many theatres in Lisbon that are worth a visit. From historic and traditional theatres to modern and innovative venues, the city boasts a variety of talented theatre companies and artists seeking to bring the best of this art to the capital.  
For those visiting and living in Lisbon, a night out at the theatre is an experience not to be missed. 

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