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Venture along Lisbon's street art rout

Lisbon is a city that breathes art into every corner. From traditional tiles to the most modern urban interventions, the Portuguese capital is a veritable open-air museum. If you're a lover of urban art, get ready to dive into a fascinating adventure through the streets where every corner reveals a new story.

Walk through the streets filled with urban art

Lisbon has so much street art scattered around the streets that we can put together an itinerary of several landmarks to visit. We've put together a route for you that takes in 8 artistic spots, where you can see various works of art in the city.

Start your walk along Rua da Manutenção and take the opportunity to admire Bordalo II's "Sapo". This sculpture belongs to Big Trash Animals, animal sculptures that repurpose urban rubbish. create art. Continue onto Rua de Xabregas, where you can see "Monkey" (created by the same artist, within the same collection) in his studio.

Fox sculpture named Raposo by Bordalo II in Lisbon Portugal

At the confluence of Rua de São Tomé and Rua dos Cegos, you'll find Vhils' "Calçada Amália Rodrigues". This work of art, created using excavation techniques, pays homage to Portugal's most famous fado singer, offering a unique interpretation of her image.

Next, visit Calçada de Santa Apolónia nº69. Here you can see a statue created by the Spanish artistic duo PichiAvo. This sculpture combines classical elements of Greek sculpture with modern urban art techniques, resulting in a work that conveys a sense of power and beauty.

Heading to Feira da Ladra, you'll find the tile mural created by André Saraiva, also known as Mr A or Mounsier André. Inspired by the Portuguese tile tradition, the work combines contemporary elements with traditional motifs.

As you continue your exploration of Rua Josefa de Óbidos, you'll be captivated by the work "Sophia" by Daniel Eime. This mural depicts the inescapable figure that is the poet Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.

On Rua Natália Correia, you can enjoy the mural "Era Uma Vez" by Isa Silva, which tells a visually captivating story. On the same street, you'll also find Obey Giant's "Peace Guard", a mural that stands out for its impressive scale and vibrant colours, making it a reference point in the urban landscape.

Finally, on Rua Senhora da Glória, you'll find the collaboration between Obey Giant and Vhils, entitled "Universal Personhood". This mural represents the diversity and universality of the human condition, offering a profound reflection on identity and the connection between people.


The route takes approximately 2h20min, not counting the stops between points, which are at your discretion, making for a pleasant tour of Lisbon.


Discover unique works in the best galleries

For those who prefer to appreciate art in a more traditional way, Lisbon offers a variety of art galleries showcasing works by contemporary artists. From paintings to sculptures, there is something for all tastes and styles. Among the city's most respected galleries are Galeria Underdogs and Galeria Vera Cortês. The Underdogs Gallery, founded by Vhils himself, offers a platform for emerging and established artists to show their work to the public. Galeria Vera Cortês is known for presenting high-quality contemporary art exhibitions, bringing works by excellent national and international artists to the capital.


Underdogs Gallery: Rua Fernando Palha, 56

Vera Cortês Gallery: Rua João Saraiva, 16


Underdogs Gallery: Monday to Saturday from 2pm to 7pm. Wednesday from 14h to 17h30.

Galeria Vera Cortês: Monday to Friday from 2pm to 7pm. Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

pintura abstrata amarela vermelha e azul

Don't miss the Contemporary Art Fair in Lisbon


For true contemporary art enthusiasts, the Contemporary Art Fair in Lisbon (ARCO Lisboa) is an unmissable event. Organised annually, this fair connects galleries from all over the world, allowing visitors to discover new talents.

In 2024, ARCO will take place from 23 to 26 May and will be attended by around 70 galleries selected by the Organising Committee. It will be divided into three sections presenting a variety of media. The main part, the General Programme, will be made up of national and international galleries. In addition, the fair will be divided into two main sections: The Shapes of the Ocean, curated by Paula Nascimento and Igor Simões, which will present projects centred on relations between Africa and the African diaspora and other latitudes; and the OPENING section, curated by Chus Martínez and Luiza Teixeira de Freitas, which will explore new artistic languages and spaces.

Lisbon has a lot to offer when it comes to the arts. As well as urban art, you can enjoy cinema, theatre and various cultural events. The city has events and beauty to suit all tastes.

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