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Events - 01 May 2023

Live the best summer festivals in Lisbon

This is the year when summer festivals and events return to Lisbon. We missed them a lot and now more than ever it's time to sing, dance, vibrate and fall in love with the show. From music, cinema, art and opera, Lisbon has many options of events that will fill your summer with good memories and that are the perfect reason to enjoy and discover the city.

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Lisbon electric train

Lisbon: a tour on the sustainable side of town

Lisbon is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. Modern, trendy and ready to welcome you with open arms. A city that reinvents and adapts itself to become even better. In an era in which the concern with climate change gains stage, the city offers more conscious and sustainable choices, not only for those who live in Lisbon but also for the thousands of visitors who cross the country's capital every day.

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