6 best beaches in Sintra

Cabo da Roca view
Ursa beach
Adraga beach
Praia Grande (Big beach)
Tram to Praia das Maçãs (Apple beach)
Praia das Maçãs (Apple Beach)
Azenhas do Mar
Magoito Beach
There are more than pieces of History in Sintra. Here you can find some of the most beautiful Portuguese beaches. Even if it is not hot enough for taking a bath, the magical landscape worth a visit. Get to know our "top 6”, starting from Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Europe.

The best sandy and sea nooks in Sintra

From Cabo da Roca we can see the Serra de Sintra and the Atlantic Ocean. From here, by car or on foot, we arrive at stunning beaches that delight everyone who comes to visit them.

For the more adventurous, besides sun baths, you can enjoy water sports or paragliding from the numerous cliffs.

We start by visiting Ursa beach, very close to Cabo da Roca, where we can reach on foot downhill if we have some physical preparation. If accompanied by small children or without the proper equipment, it is recommended to go there by car. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, with its cliffs carved by the Atlantic.

In Adraga beach you will find one of the best beach facilities in the area. The space has a simple and informal decoration, but you’ll be served the freshest fish and seafood, very well prepared. On arrival or departure, take a walk along the beach, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the breeze.

After Adraga, we make a short stop by Praia Grande. It is one of the most visited beaches in the bathing season, due to its easy access and the wide shore that makes it up. But even out of season there is a reason for visiting Praia Grande beach: a snack at the Bar do Fundo. Are you willing to try?

There are no apples around here today, but the river that drains here once brought ripe fruit from the orchards where it passed along. That's where the name "Praia das Maçãs” comes from — which besides the beach, has two saltwater swimming pools that make children and adults delight. Also known is the tram, chosen by tourists as transport to this location.

We keep climbing and we arrive at an old fishermen’s village: Azenhas do Mar beach. The cascading houses, the rocky bay with a seawater swimming pool, the restaurant with the same name with fresh fish and seafood all year around and its unique light make an authentic postcard of this place.

And we finish our "beach road map" with the spot of election for those looking for the best tan: Magoito beach. Rich in iodine, this is one of the privileged places to maintain "that" tone of skin that you seek along the year. Perhaps all you can get is a sunbathe, as the water tend to be cold, but the blue of the sea and the golden sand are reason enough to visit it at any time of the year.

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