1 to 3 days

Falling in love with Sintra in 24 hours

Take a journey from the village center to the moon

Legend has it that it was in Serra de Sintra that the Celts venerated Cynthia, the goddess of the Moon. Perhaps this is the reason why this place is also known as "Mountain of the Moon".
Legends aside, Sintra's mysticism is very real and you can feel it right on your first visit. Start the day in the village’s historic center, explore the colorful streets and the typical shops on foot, have your breakfast and why not sample the regional delicacies?
Take the carriage that takes you to the top of Mountain of the Moon and visit the first historical monument: the Pena Palace.

Through the paths of Pena

The Pena Palace and the park that surrounds it were built by D. Fernando II, next to the Manueline convent of the Order of St. Jerome. They are the ultimate exponent of 19th century Romanticism in Portugal. A delightful detail of this park, which you can meet during a nice chariot ride, is the Chalet da Condessa d 'Edla, a vacation spot reserved for King D. Fernando II and his second wife, the Countess of Edla.
Next to the Palace, and before returning to the center of the village, meet the Castle of the Moors, and immerse yourself in the green of the hills and breathtaking views. Feel the village at your feet and watch it extend to the Atlantic!

Back to the heart of the village and history

With both feet on the ground, it is now time to explore the natural and architectural beauties that the center of the village has to offer. Did you know that the National Palace of Sintra, located right in the heart of the village, is the only palace built in Portugal in the Middle Age that remains practically intact nowadays? It is worth to visit this piece of history and enjoy its iconic chimneys, which have become ex-libris of the town of Sintra itself.
Shall we stop for lunch? We are in the right place for this. Let yourself be swept by the aroma and enjoy a tasty meal, in the style of good Portuguese cuisine!
And when you feel invigorated, we set off for another half a day of incredible discoveries through the village of Sintra! A short walk from the center, we find out the amazing Quinta da Regaleira. This is one of the best-kept corners of Sintra that deserves every minute of your time. Lose yourself in its gardens of fantastic inspiration, peer into the mysterious grottos and observe the lakes enveloped in green, discover the Reversed Tower and leave yourself some time to visit the Palace. You will not regret it!
Last stop: Palace of Seteais. Today the main building is a hotel, owned by Tivoli Hotels and therefore with restricted access. However, the gardens and the belvedere can and must be visited!
Did you taste the "travesseiros” of Sintra for breakfast? What about coming back to enjoy a typical "queijada”? Nhamm ... Take the chance to buy that souvenir you forgot and stretch your legs!
This day has come to an end, but if you think Sintra is simply this, think twice! Come and meet the beaches of Sintra with us!

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