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Come to visit Lisbon, the most trendy city of the moment

Lisbon is getting more and more trendy and its image runs the world; everyone wants to be in the capital, even for a few days. For that reason, to visit Lisbon became part of the plans of many travellers.

The increase of tourism over the last years proves it: according to Observatório do Turismo de Lisboa (Lisbon Tourism Observatory), data from November 2018 indicate that 'in October, hotels, and similars registered 2.0 million guests and 5.4 million overnight stays'. But what is so fascinating about this city and why Lisbon is already considered one of the best tourist destinations in Europe?

Come to visit Lisbon for its weather and light

As the westernmost city in Continental Europe, and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is graced by the mild air and the Mediterranean climate - hot, sunny and dry summers; cold and rainy winters. This means that there are variations of temperature depending on the seasons of the year, and not just an unchangeability found in the countries north or south of the equator. Therefore, mostly in the summer, the capital is full of colours, aromas, life. And because of its light, so bright and stunning, the streets are invaded by curious, or just by those who know pretty well which are the best things they can see and experience.

Come to visit Lisbon for its heritage and traditions

The beauty of its heritage and the richness of its history turn a simple stay in Lisbon into an unforgettable experience, lasting in time and memory. There are countless obligatory spots, and in each one there is a special and unique beauty: on the one hand, the most old and traditional areas, pieces of culture that represent the roots of the city; and the architectural heritage (such as the majestic Castelo de São Jorge, Torre de Belém, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, among so many others…); by the other hand, the natural heritage that has the sea and the Tagus river as leading  actors - along the coast of Lisbon, there are several breathtaking beaches that invite everyone for moments of pure relaxation and contemplation.

Come to visit Lisbon for its gastronomy and alternative feeding

Perfect city for the food lovers, Lisbon is full of flavours, aromas, and textures, much resulting from the Mediterranean diet, and the typical Portuguese menus include very healthy foods. And have you ever heard of the famous and delicious Portuguese cuisine? Well, you really don’t know what you are missing! Not to mention the traditional snacks of Lisbon's cuisine which are true temptations, such as the Belém Pastries or the grilled sardines, rooted delicacies in Lisbon customs.

In the capital, there are also plenty of available offers for those who opt for alternative feeding. Therefore, there are distinguished vegan restaurants in Lisbon for those who follow this lifestyle; there are several choices for those who are lovers of paleo/paleolithic diet; and there are many quality vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon for those who prefer to follow the ideals of vegetarianism. 

So, there’s no question that the city of Lisbon is prepared to received everyone, no matter which the eating habits or the food choices are!

Come to visit Lisbon for its diversity of attractions and cultural offers

Lisbon, modern capital and adapted to all tastes, preferences, and needs, is one of the cities of Portugal that offers the biggest number of events. Residents and visitors have the privilege of attending multiple cultural, musical, leisure or even specialized events in many parts of the capital. The great number of concerts & shows in Lisbon or the most expected technological event Web Summit Lisbon are just two examples of the greatness of the city regarding this topic.

But the cultural attractions are even more comprehensive, since there are countless movie theaters,  whether inside or outside shopping centers; plays staged in iconic venues; art exhibitions available in incredible Lisbon museums; and dozens of well-known cultural and educational places (eg. the prestigious Oceanário de Lisboa), both for adults and families with children.

The Portuguese people are also very nostalgic and extremely proud of their achievements, mostly the ones of the past, and value their memories, their roots, and origins. That’s why, if you come to visit Lisbon, you will discover many fairs and markets of typical Portuguese products; also, if you came in June, you will have a chance to participate in the festivities of Popular Marches of Lisbon and traditional weddings of the Saint Anthony, the Matchmaker.

Come to visit Lisbon for its quality of life and safety

There are several international magazines and websites that indicate the city of Lisbon as one of the safest, most welcoming and even one of the best cities to live in Europe. The truth is, along with the magic of the city and the kindness (and hospitality) of the locals (alfacinhas of Lisbon), the capital also has a high quality of life and modernity that can be seen in its infrastructures, in its transportation and in any service that offers to the public. 

So, yes, if you choose to spend your vacations in this city, you can discover its wonders with the best comfort only using Lisbon transportation (do not forget to take the  symbolic and the traditional tram 28, and you can be absolutely sure that everything will positively surprise you. 
For one of these reasons in particular, or for all of them, Lisbon is, undoubtedly, the city that you will want to visit at the first opportunity you have. So, book your trip to the capital, pack your bags, buy a map and get ready for the most exciting experience of your life. It will be a lifetime experience, no matter if you opt for a short or a long stay in Lisbon.

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