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The vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon that you don't want to miss

Vegan restaurants, paleo restaurants and vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon are now part of the city's offer, either because we are facing a new trend of eating and choosing foods, or because the number of illnesses cases of intolerances and food allergies is excessively increasing. People need to change eating habits to eliminate or to reduce health problems. These three types of feeding can be the only way to soften or even solve their issues and diseases - sometimes very complicated or incurable - especially when medicine can’t help anymore. 

But the truth is that this is a subject that must be approached with caution and close attention: on one hand, there are the ones who have this new mentality and adopt a different lifestyle, no matter the reasons; but on the other hand, others don’t even care about this subject and don’t like to be bothered with questions like: "are you really going to eat that?”, "don’t you know these foods are harmful to your health?” ou "do you wanna get sick”? … well, both sides must be respected, for sure!

In order to avoid gluten, animal products and their derivatives, refined sugars, industrialized and genetically modified products, the vegetarianism (and its ramifications: ovo-vegetarianism, ovo-lacto vegetarianism and lacto-vegetarianism), the veganism and the paleo/paleolithic diet are gaining followers all over the world, and, consequently, all over the city of Lisbon. 

So, if you follow the "healthy and balanced diet" maxim very seriously, taking precautions or being conscientious of what you eat and drink, and, for those reasons, you are veggie lover, you must know that Lisbon is more than ready to receive you and has a lot of places where you can have delicious meals!

Find out which are the vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon that you surely don’t want to miss in your next visit to the capital.

Vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon that will delight you

Truth be told: food is an absolute pleasure and the simple action of eat is one of the best things we can do in life. Therefore, what does really matter here is that everyone feels good about themselves. And there’s no question that vegetarian feeding, as well as vegan feeding and paleo/paleolithic diet, should no longer be seen as "niche", as the number of fans is increasing as time goes by. 

Following this trend, the supply of products in stores and restaurants have been growing as well, especially in the last years. And, as you can conclude from the list above, there are plenty of quality vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon that should serve as a motto for your next visit to the city! 

So, are you already booking your trip to Lisbon? 

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