Comporta and Melides: discover the route of the stars

Hollywood stars, pop music icons as well as Monegasque and British royalty have put Comporta and Melides on the map. The hype has awakened the Portuguese to a treasure on the Alentejo coast. The incredibly beautiful beaches, the excellent food and the peacefulness, which invites one to take a break, seduce even the ones who are miles away. Comporta and Melides are destinations to mark on the summer map, just a short hop from Lisbon.

Great variety of beaches

Set off to discover the largest stretch of beach in the country (the third largest in the world!). With an endless stretch of sand, there are many beaches to explore, some of them guarded by dunes that encourage the most childish games, others with perfectly cut rocky slopes that protect visitors from prying glances. 

Surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing and fishing are things to do on some of these beaches. Crowded or not, one thing is undeniable: you will fall in love with their natural beauty! Here are some you must visit: 

Comporta beach;
Melides beach;
Pego beach;
Galé beach;
Aberta Nova beach;
Carvalhal beach.

“Cavalos na areia”: live the experience that enchanted the world’s biggest pop diva

The huge coastline and the pleasant weather invite you to go horse riding by the sea. The "Cavalos na Areia” project offers you the experience that enchanted Madonna, for instance. Shakira and Cristiano Ronaldo couldn't resist it either.

Soak up the sea breeze, refresh your soul and enjoy the beautiful landscape ahead of you. A moment to remember, worthy of a star!

EN261. Km 6 – Torre – Comporta

Starring the film “Birdwatcher”

Lights, camera, action! Do you see yourself birdwatching for a day? You can do this at Herdade da Comporta, a privileged location in the Sado estuary nature reserve. Around two hundred species of birds are attracted to the region. Get a ride from Birds&Nature, a company that does private tours for this purpose.

But you can also take this venture on your own. Besides the Herdade da Comporta, there is a small wooden house in Melides Lagoon, where you can observe the area's birdlife. Be witness to a parade of colours in the skies!

Enjoy the sunset at Carrasqueira Palafitic Pier

This is one of the most "instagrammable" places in Comporta and its outskirts. The contrast between the apparent fragility of the wooden pilings (and small houses used by fishermen to store fishing gear) and a powerful sunset becomes enchanting for those who visit this special pier. It is considered a remarkable work of popular architecture of the 50s/60s, unique in Europe.
Get your camera or mobile phone ready for an unbelievably beautiful sunset.

Flavours from the sea and land to taste

Clams with signature cuisine, traditional razor clam rice, fried fried cuttlefish and other delicacies are mandatory when visiting Comporta and Melides, both lands of vast rice fields.

Embrace the opportunity to get to know the region's nectars, arise from vineyards blessed by the Atlantic breeze. Their freshness gives even more flavour to a gastronomy where shellfish is king.

We leave you with some recommendations with the following promise: you won't regret it!

Melides beach, Grândola
Lagoa Travessa, lote 15 Lagoa Formosa, Carvalhal
Estrada Nacional 261, Comporta

After our suggestions, will you be able to resist the perfect marriage between glamour and the simplicity that Comporta and Melides provide? There's nothing like visiting these two incredible places to see for yourself.

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