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Outdoor spaces to work out in Lisbon

Physical exercise is extremely important for physical and mental health. In a
sunny city like Lisbon, we can and should combine the useful with the pleasant by taking advantage of outdoor spaces to exercise. There are many parks and gardens in the city where you can take advantage of Lisbon's light and breathe in the fresh air while you train. We've compiled some of the best places to exercise in the open air for you!


Workout locations for you in Lisbon


Monsanto Forest Park 

Famous for being the lung of Lisbon, this park covers approximately 1000 hectares and represents more than 10% of Lisbon's territory. The space is full of options for activities: climbing, mountain biking, horse riding, running, hiking and more. Take advantage of the picnic area for a pre- and post-workout snack. If you're planning a day of physical activity with children, you can't miss the Alvito Park and the Alto da Serafina Park.

Quinta das Conchas and Lilacs Park


This is Lisbon's third largest green space, after Monsanto Park and Bela Vista Park, and is the result of the restoration of two 16th century farms. Divided into three areas - Quinta das Conchas, Mata and Quinta dos Lilases - the park covers around 25 hectares, making it perfect for long-distance running, yoga or meditation and hiking.


Botanical Garden


The beauty of the Botanical Garden creates a perfect environment for sports. This park has outdoor gym equipment for doing sit-ups, stretching and an elliptical bike. Here you can also go for long walks, jogs, dance and yoga. 


Parque das Nações 


Parque das Nações is Lisbon's largest park and has several outdoor gym facilities. For example, in this park there is a Calisthenics Park of around 400m2 that includes various pieces of equipment for practising calisthenics, such as exercise columns. In this large space, there is also a skate park, a pumptrack and three street basketball courts. The park also has areas for playing football, tennis and basketball. A veritable world of varied opportunities not to be missed, with options for all tastes. 


Park Eduardo VII 

This park, located right in the centre of Lisbon, has municipal fitness equipment such as dumbbells and ab machines as well as green spaces for jogging. The characteristics of this park make it perfect for pre- and post-workout training, due to its location, or for weekend workouts as a couple, or as a family, for people who live in the city, without extra costs or long journeys.


Arco do Cego Garden 

In the centre of the city and very similar to Parque Eduardo VII, albeit smaller, is the Jardim do Arco do Cego. This garden's marvellous lawn allows you to run and do any kind of outdoor training, and it also has municipal fitness equipment to complement your workouts.


The city of Lisbon has lots of green, open-air places with structures where you can train. These spaces work very well as an alternative to closed gyms and allow you to keep in touch with nature and the community. Take the opportunity to improve your well-being.

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