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The best ice cream shops in Lisbon

When the heat and the good weather come, the desire to eat ice creams grows in each of us... especially in the most greedy ones! And it’s easy to understand why this happens: who doesn’t enjoy a good ice cream on a beautiful sunny day? The crowded ice cream shops in Lisbon (or ice cream parlour, as they are now called) prove exactly that: in the most expected summer months, these are some of the chosen places for both locals and tourist spend a wonderful time with family and friends.

And there are several ice cream options for all tastes: those that are produced by the industrial brands, in which are included gluten-free options; the "soft” ones, produced on specific machines; the water ices; or those that are handmade prepared, with or without yoghurt and with more or less sugar.
The handmade ice creams are precisely those that have been gaining a great number of supporters over the last years. And the explanation is very simple: they are healthier, have a greater variety of flavours compared to the other ones, and can be served as a complement to different delicacies. More than enough reasons to conquer hundreds of customers every day, to fill their shops, kiosks or tents and to be an unprecedented success.
If ice creams are an important part of your life, and you can not resist them, even if you try, check the list of the best ice cream shops in Lisbon so you can only make good choices.

The most crowded ice cream shops in Lisbon (Downtown)

Other great ice cream shops in Lisbon (Greater Lisbon) that you will love to visit:

  • Davvero
  • Don Pavili
  • Hey Mate
  • Nannatella
  • Conchanata
In any of these places, you will be seduced by an irresistible amount of flavours, many of them quite unusual that will arouse your curiosity. The only problem is that if you try them, you can easily become addicted to them… but in a good way!

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