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The flavor of Portuguese Cuisine in the Bairro Alto Hotel’s restaurant

Portuguese Cuisine is a landmark of the country, especially of its capital. Who proves it, doesn’t want anything else; and who hasn’t done it yet, wishes to do so at the first opportunity. To taste a delicious typical Portuguese dish is still one of the goals of those who visit the city of Lisbon.

But why do Portuguese Cuisine bring so many visitors to the capital?

Traditional Portuguese Cuisine has its roots in the Mediterranean diet, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2013 - a classification awarded by UNESCO. As the name implies, has its origin in countries bathed and/ or influenced by the Mediterranean Sea - like Portugal, which receives strong influences and has in common many characteristics with this type of food.

The Mediterranean diet and, consequently, Lisbon’s cuisine, have a massive variety of ingredients and foods, considered as very healthy, rich in flavors, aromas and surprising textures. The main characteristics are:
  • Fresh, natural and seasonal products;
  • Foods from local producers;
  • High consumption of vegetables;
  • Olive oil as a source of healthy fat;
  • Regular consumption of fish;
  • Moderate consumption of meat (especially beef)
  • Water as a primary drink;
  • Moderate consumption of wine;
  • Moderate consumption of dairy;
  • Intake of foods in adequate proportions (dishes half full).
Having all these options as a base, the traditional Portuguese Cuisine is a mixture of tradition, culture, and health, and for centuries has been present in a typical Portuguese house. One of the reasons for being the major attraction of Bairro Alto Hotel’s restaurant.

Bairro Alto Hotel’s restaurant: typical Portuguese Cuisine by the hands of Nuno Mendes

Tradition and culture are what you will find in Bairro Alto Hotel’s restaurant, a place that will have the best that Portuguese Cuisine has to offer. Nuno Mendes, award-winning and renowned chef, who adds a Michelin star and a published book, will be the leader of this great challenge: through an exclusive menu, he will provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience, full of typical Portuguese recipes, for all guests and visitors.

Something that has become usual in the life of this highly respected chef: during his professional life, he has been spreading the diversity of national flavors all over the world, which massively contributes to the international recognition of the typical Portuguese gastronomy. Now, back home, and after many years of living abroad, Nuno Mendes has the giant responsibility to lead one of the best Portuguese restaurants in Lisbon of Portuguese Cuisine.

So, are you already on your way to Lisbon? Or do you really want to miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful city and to taste the famous and delicious Portuguese Cuisine?

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