What Lisbon has to brighten up your Autumn

Winter is not coming yet, but Autumn already makes us feel that the best months of the year (at least for the majority) are already saying goodbye, although the high temperatures that are still being felt tell us otherwise.

However, there is no reason to be disappointed or even sad, thinking that in the last quarter of the year, Lisbon becomes a boring city, with absolutely nothing to do or to discover. Neither that this beautiful city turns into a lifeless capital, without colour, sound or light.

On the contrary, the city of Lisbon, regardless of the season or even the month, is always full of exhilaration and constantly presents a rich cultural offer. After all, we are talking about a capital with huge worldwide recognition, and, therefore, must live up to its name. 

With that said, if you have arrived in the city or you are still planning your holidays, even for a short period of time, you can be sure that there are plenty of activities to entertain you, beautiful places to discover, delicious food to taste. We just cannot assure you that the good weather will always smile at you, neither the heat will last for a long time; although you should believe that with colder weather and some raindrops, the city of Lisbon never loses its beauty and its lusitanian soul.

Find out what Lisbon has to offer you in the next few months of 2019 by checking out some of its cultural activities:


  • Web Summit 2019
          - November 4th to 7th, at Altice Arena & FIL

Learn more about Web Summit, one of the biggest and most important technological events ever!
  • Lisboa Games Week 2019
          - November 21st to 24th, at FIL

Don't miss the biggest video game event in Portugal! 


  • Michael Bublé
          - September 30th and October 1st, at Altice Arena

A singer who gives much to talk for his stunning voice and unique melodies. Get your ticket now before it's sold out!

  • Nouvelle Vague
          - December 4th, at Aula Magna

Come to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this so iconic band, in an acoustic concert that will be unforgettable! Get your ticket here. 

  • Salsa and forró events
          - October 16th and 18th, at Time Out Market (Mercado da Ribeira)

If you love to dance, join this free event, full of music and amusement, at one of the most appreciated tourist places in Lisbon!

Note: Check out all the already confirmed concerts that will take place in the capital in the coming months (2019 and 2020).


  • Super Bock em Stock 2019
          - November 22nd and 23th, at Avenida da Liberdade
Have fun at one of the biggest indie and alternative rock music festivals in the country, an event that takes place at one of the most important and fashionable streets!

Countless events that will make you discover the tradition of Lisbon, in its various cultural aspects.

Just admit it: you have so many options that you don’t even know what to choose! Well, but let’s make your life easier: in case you still have doubts or want to have a wider range of offers (especially to entertain the kids), here are some credible online sources you should consult so you can be aware of the cultural and recreational activities that take place in the city, in a specific month or all over the year: 

  • Cultura na Rua — Official website promoted by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and EGEAC;
  • Time Out Lisboa's Agenda — One of the most well-known and acclaimed magazines, that spreads the culture and the traditions of Lisbon, as well as the most trendy events that are taking place in the capital;
  • Viral Agenda — A project funded by the European Union, which aims to promote the culture of the city of Lisbon (and the country itself), focusing on the spread of several and different types of events.

Still here? :)

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