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Where to eat a good sushi in Lisbon?

Sushi, such a little word that means so much… The sushi trend came to Portugal several years ago and is definitely here to stay. Especially in the capital, entrepreneurs soon realized that the food industry would only gain if they bet on this type of feed. This fact led them to open new spaces exclusively dedicated to Japanese food lovers.

And the most curious thing about this is, like all trends — although we can say that, nowadays, this custom is already rooted in many people’s lives — there are always those who like it and those who don’t want to hear about it. Thus, on one side are the sushi lovers, almost daily devourers of this Japanese delicacy; and on the other, those who, as much as they try, they cannot appreciate it... at all! And what about those who don’t even dare to prove it, exclaiming "Raw fish?! No way!”?

But is sushi really just raw fish? Have you ever wondered how and why this type of feed appeared and expanded to the west? Let’s travel back in time and discover the real history of sushi!

Sushi: where it all began

It is said that the original concept of sushi, the Narezushi, was created in China, between the 3rd and the 7th century BC, in order to store and preserve the fish. By placing it in rice and allowing it to ferment, it was possible to store a large amount of fish for up to a year; then, the rice was thrown away and only the fish was consumed. 

This method spread throughout China and then to Japan. Centuries later was introduced another concept, the Namanarizushi, which consisted in using rice seasoned with vinegar so it can be consumed along with the fish (raw or cooked) and served with several fillings and toppings — a simple but creative idea that soon arrived in the western world and established itself as a landmark of the Japanese cuisine.

Nowadays, although reinvented with new flavours and different cooking techniques, sushi is globally acclaimed. And even those who don’t appreciate it can’t fail to recognize its value and its importance to the culinary industry.

Restaurants in Lisbon where you can be delighted with a good sushi

After a brief explanation of the sushi’s history, let’s find out a few places where you can eat good sushi in the city of Lisbon:


As you can now realize, if you are a sushi lover and you are visiting Lisbon (or intend to do it), you no longer need to be so distressed looking for a quality sushi restaurant in the capital to enjoy a tasty nigiri or ​a ​mouth-watering tempura. Along with these ones, you can find other great places to satisfy your desire; your choice will only depend on your budget and your location preferences.

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